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An adjustable trigger allows the shooter to customize certain aspects of the trigger pull to suit their preferences and shooting style.

The typical adjustable features on a pistol trigger include:

Trigger Pull Weight:

This allows you to adjust the force required to pull the trigger, making it lighter or heavier according to your preference.


Overtravel refers to the distance the trigger moves backward after the striker or firing pin has been released. An adjustable overtravel screw allows you to limit this movement, which can improve accuracy and follow-up shots.


Pre-travel is the distance the trigger moves backward before engaging the sear and releasing the striker or firing pin. An adjustable pre-travel screw allows you to reduce this distance for a shorter and crisper trigger pull.


The reset is the distance the trigger moves forward after the shot has been fired until it engages again with the sear. An adjustable reset allows you to set the trigger for a shorter reset distance, which can help with faster follow-up shots.