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Body Armor: Do You Need It? If So, Here Are Some Key Points To Help Find The Armor For You.

Body Armor: Do You Need It? If So, Here Are Some Key Points To Help Find The Armor For You.

Body armor is a common safety accessory, which is worn by police, military and civillians.

Do you need body armor?

The requirement of body armor relies on your purposes. If you are one, who loves to participate in shooting sports and tactical training, then you should buy body armor for yourself. It will provide additional safety during training.

The body armor is not only effective in reducing bullet impacts, but it will also protects you from other threats. Moreover, it will work as a lifesaver for you.

How to select the right body armor for you?

The market offers a wide range of body armor including amazing safety features. So, here we have discussed a few things below that will help you in selecting the right body armor for you.

1. Know your needs:

There is a wide variety of body armor available on the market, which can provide excellent protection. When you are looking for body armor, know your needs and potential threats to make the right choice. What type of training, and or use will you be using the armore for? What caliber bullet may make contact with your armor?

Choose body armor that is capable of providing superior protection against potential threats and stop the bullets effectively.

2. Don’t limit yourself to a budget :

Make sure the body armor you will be buying will meet or exceed the standards you will need. Depending on your job or personal needs its better to be overly protected then to be under protected. When it comes to personal safety you do not want to spare any cost considering it will be your life at stake no one elses. Armor is not always a one size fits all, depending on not only size but also armor ballistic levels of protection.

3. Select the right type of body armor:

The market introduces a large variety of body armor including a Level IIA, II, or IIIA ballistic vest. Body armor is designed to provide additional protection against bullet impact and other threats as well. Again, this goes back to the top of knowing your needs and knowing your surroundings. Most prep for the worst and hope for the best.

4. Quality always matters:

Body armor is made of high-quality material, which makes it strong enough to reduce the impact of bullets. Before purchasing body armor for you, consider the quality of material and functionality. Research is always a good way to go in any purchase, especially one that may save your life. If available in your area I recommend trying armor on, get a fitting and asking the sales rep what is recommended.

Top 5 Hunting Rifles for 2021

Top 5 Hunting Rifles for 2021

World’s top 5 Hunting Rifles

Hunting is one of the most exciting and adventurous activities, which allow people to put their shooting skills to the test. Hunting tests the patience, concentration, and strength of an individual.

There is a wide range of firearms available in the market, which offer exciting and powerful features. A hunting rifle will not only make your hunt easier, but the advanced features will change your overall hunting experience. consumption.

Do you know which hunting rifle will work best in 2021? As we are surrounded by a huge range of options, it is difficult to decide the right option. Everyone’s opinion and feel is different, below, we have listed the top 5 hunting rifles based on features and performance.

So, let’s check out these options to pick the right hunting rifle for your next Hunt.

1. Browning X-Bolt Mountain Pro:

Browning x-bolt mountain pro is one of the popular and advanced hunting rifles. It contains carbon-fiber stock, spiral-fluted bolt, and lapped sporter-contour barrel, which makes it a lightweight rifle of less than 6 pounds.

You can plan your next hunt with this lightweight rifle, it is a powerful firearm that will allow you to shoot high-power rounds effortlessly.

2. Savage 110 Ultralight:

This is another lightweight rifle; it comes in around 6lbs or less. The savage 110 ultralight rifle unites a carbon wrapped, stainless steel proof research barrel to a skeletonized, blueprinted 110 receivers with a spiral-fluted bolt.

The rifle offers flexibility to the users to improve functionality. You will get the adjustable AccuTrigger and AccuStock, allows crisp, clean shots to close out successful hunts. It also contains a melonite-coated receiver that reduces the glare.

3. Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint:

The 2020 waypoint is also one of the most powerful hunting rifles you can buy in 2021, as it offers an accuracy guarantee to the users. You can find a wide range of options to fit your liking, such as picking from an all-steel version of carbon-fiber jacket wrap.

It comes with an adjustable trigger; you can adjust from 2.5 to 5 pounds of pull.

4. CZ USA 557 Eclipse:

CZ is also one of the popular and water-resistant hunting rifles, which you should try in 2021. This model offers a strong pistol grip, slight palm swell, and flat comb. The comb is made with a soft-touch surface texture, which designs a non-slip grip even in challenging conditions.

With the advanced and exciting features, the CZ is the most affordable rifle that you money can buy.

5. Kimber Hunter Pro Desolve Blak:

The hunter pro desolve blak is a great option for people, who are looking for a lightweight and controlled-feed action hunting rifle at a budget price. It features the classic extractor and detachable box magazine, which makes loading and unloading easier.

The Kimber hunter pro desolve blak is a lot of rifle for the money.

Buying Vs Building an AR15: What to Choose?

Buying Vs Building an AR15: What to Choose?

An AR15 is an amazing tool and one of Americas top-selling rifles, which is based on the design of the ArmaLite AR-15. It is a lightweight, advanced and semi-automatic rifle, which makes it unique and attractive.

The AR15 rifle is a popular firearm, which you can easily be found at your local gun retail store and/or online (always check your local laws for purchase/background screening and information). One of the reasons AR-15’s are liked so much is because they are so customizable, from grips, color, uppers, lengths and much more to fit your style, feel and performance.

Many gun owners prefer building their rifles instead of purchasing preassembled AR15’s from an authorized dealer. So, is it worth building an AR15 or you should buy one?

In this article, we have discussed the difference between building and buying a rifle. So, it will help you in making the right choice.

Building an AR15:

1. Customization:

Building a rifle offers freedom of customization to the owners. You can freely choose the gear and accessories for your first rifle and upgrade it according to your imagination. So, you will have the opportunity to build the firearm you in vison vs a prebuild for store.

2. Performance:

Performance is an important aspect of a firearm. Building a rifle is never a challenging task, you can find every single option on the web, some with excellent quality, some without. So, if you are good at assembling things, then you can assemble an AR15 with excellent performance.

3. Time:

Building a rifle requires time and a little bit of patience. You have to learn to assemble and improve your skills to get the best outcomes. So, it can be a little time-consuming for you, but once your build is complete there is no better feeling.

4. Budget:

Building an AR15 can save you money. You can control your budget, do your research and find the best deals on the items you are looking for. When purchasing a prebuilt AR15 you are purchasing as it is, if later on you feel you want to change a part out that is more money you could of saved by building it yourself.

Buying an AR15:

1. Customization:

Buying an AR15 from a reliable gun shop will allow you to get a preassembled rifle, which is ready to shoot. However, you can customize your firearm according to your needs by purchasing some extra gear. It will enhance the power and performance of your rifle.

2. Performance:

Buying a rifle from a good store ensures quality and performance. A reliable firearm store ensures the quality and performance of their product and provides some guaranty and warranty services as well.

3. Time:

Buying an AR15 from a gun store can also take time. Finding the best store is never an easy task especially when you are planning to purchase a rifle for yourself. So, you have to perform a little research to identify the right store.

4. Budget:

Buying a preassembled AR15 can cost you more as compared to building your rifle. The ready-to-shoot rifle saves the time of assembling and allows users to practice their shooting skills immediately.

In the nutshell:

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that building an AR15 will save you money and deliver similar benefits to a preassembled rifle. However, know your type and decide according to your comfort and convenience.

Picking The Right Caliber For Your Needs

Picking The Right Caliber For Your Needs

People today buy different types of Firearms. The purchases are made to satisfy hunting needs, added security, and for the purpose of adding to ones firearm collection. So, when one is occupied with selecting the right rifle, they often find this task a daunting one because there are so many options to choose from. Furthermore, you also need to see what rifle will fit your needs. Then comes the part where you have to choose the right chambering of that rifle as well. An array of factors influences the decision. There are many minute details associated with the cartridge. This is why you must understand the details properly as that greatly affects the decision-making process.

What Caliber is Your Rifle?

This is the first question and consideration that must come to mind. So, if you are wondering what exactly a caliber is, then you must know that it is the measure of a bullet’s diameter. The bullet will be bigger if the caliber is higher. However, this is one just feature in a rifle cartridge. Ammunition is called the cartridge and it covers the length, diameter, and all other specifications of the round.

Selecting The Bullet Style!

Once you are clear on the caliber, you need to consider the style and construction features of a bullet. If you go through bullet listing, you will notice that most bullets have pointed or “spitzer” tips as that increase their ballistic efficiency. The exception is usually made in large-for-caliber bullets, for example – the 220-grain bullet for a .30-06 Springfield rifle. Here, you will see that the bullet has a round nose and this is because such bullet is designed to cover short ranges or heavy cover.

Your choice of the bullet will depend upon the size of the game that you plan to hunt. If you are going varmint hunting, your rifle must have a bullet with a thin jacket and softcore. This allows rapid expansion and fragmentation inside these tiny targets. For a wild game, go with a bullet that features a thicker or tapered jacket. Such a bullet leads to deeper penetration and controlled expansion. Bullets are generally constructed with a softer point are used in a deer-sized game.

If you have been following the latest trend, the most popular bullets you see have some sort of polymer tip atop the lead slug. Repeated loading and unloading in the rifle’s magazine and chamber can deform or damage it. The aforementioned bullets prevent this from happening, maintaining the bullet’s ballistic efficiency and performance.

Summing It Up

As an avid hunter, you must always use premium-grade ammunition and the one that is right for your rifle.

Choosing The Right Firearm For You

Choosing The Right Firearm For You

Now that you’ve decided to buy your first firearm, you’ve got to choose what will work best for you. While it helps to ask others their opinions, you’re going to get all kinds of suggestions on what your first gun should be. Undoubtedly,its vital to get feedback about certain firearms, but when buying your first gun, ask yourself certain questions. They’ll help you through how to select a gun that’ll be a good fit for your needs.

When puchasing your first firearm consider mulitiple things. such as; caliber of the firearm, size of the firearm,and what it will be used for. Also consider its comfortablility if the firearms is gonna be used for self defense. Then you are more then likely gonna practice with it alot so your gonna wanna make sure it fits your hands and feels comfortable.

How Well Do You Manage The Recoil?

It is pivotal to understand how to grip the Firearm, but can you manage the recoil when the gun is fired? One of the most surprising differences to new shooters is how close the 9mm and .380 rounds are. While they’re almost the accurate same size, these two loads are not the same and pack a different punch and without firing the gun in this situation, you won’t know how well you can manage the recoil.

The biggest recommendation is to always say yes to shooting a gun if it’s offered to you. If a firearm dealer or manufacturer sets up a demo day at your local range or at physical store, go to the event and learn as much as you can about the guns they have.

Buy Your First Firearm: New Or Used?

Majority of the first-time gun purchasers usually have fixed budget and are looking for market value deals instead of retail pricing. There’s no problem with buying a used gun, however, they are a few things to look out for. It is distinctive to know and trust the seller and gunsmithing repairs seem to be costly and time-consuming and buying a broken gun mean waiting for a week or more to get it repaired.The gun could have a variety of issues due to improper care and storage, be on the lookout for rust or other signs of corrosion so it is important to take care and don’t spend your hard-earned money to buy someone else’s problem.

However, buying your first gun is not a decision to make in a day and it is also not a decision others can make for you. It is significant to do brief research on firearms, you can also ask people for opinions, recognize them as opinions only. Listen and take away knowledge that will help influence the right decision. Don’t feel any pressure to buy something just because someone else likes it.

What to bring to range day

What to bring to range day

So, you have decided to go to the range, by yourself or maybe with your family or friends… and the question of what you need to prepare for the day is asked.

When it comes to the range a few questions may come to mind, weather, indoor, outdoor, ammo restrictions and equipment. All are good questions and need to be thought of.

  • Location of the Range:

If the range you are visiting has a website, visit the site as they will have a list and/or brief description of what is allowed at their range from start to finish. If the range does not have a website call them and worst comes to worst visit the old google or yelp for helpful information. (Don’t trust everything you read on the internet)

The bare minimum you will need for the range typically is…. yourself! Again, calling the range or looking up the policies is the smartest thing to do.

Most ranges have eyes and ears to rent while you are in the range. Eye protection and Ear muffs are a MUST. Depending on the range and state you reside in you will be asked for 1 or all Government Issued Identification, the range operator will keep your ID while you are in the range and/or if you are renting their firearms.

If you are bringing your own firearms make sure its locked properly as they may not let you inside the establishment if it is not.

  • Lube:

It’s always good to lube your rifle or pistol before the range.

  • Ammo:

Double check with the range to see what is or isn’t allowed at the range. Some ranges will not allow reloads, aluminum, bird shot, steel core and other ammo. The range typically has ammo for sale in case the ammo you have is not allowed.

  • Firearms:

Most ranges have firearms for rent when you rent a lane. This is the fun part, try them ALL. You never know what you like or do not like if you do not try it. Most of all have FUN!

  • Multitool:

It is always a good decision to bring some sort of multitool. Just in case something becomes loose or unscrews itself. That way you have the means to tighten it to your liking.

  • Shooting Bags:

Shooting bags are a great addition to any range day. They offer the shooter the ability to rest the rifle without using a bipod. They usually weight about 5-10 LBS. So as long as you are not traveling far, they are a great addition.

This, in short is what you may need at the range. Always do your research to see what that particular range allows and will require. Ladies – I would advise close toed shoes, a shirt that does not have a low cut as the shells can make their way down your shirt and they are hot as HELL!

The different types of firearms coatings

The different types of firearms coatings

These days, gun owners have various coating options, ranging from bluing to Cerakote to Parkerizing. Each of these coating options has its own unique properties and benefits. The process of choosing the right type of coating depends on many factors. Decide the amount of money you are willing to spend on the firearm coating. Other factors include the quality of the piece and the expected environment in which you will be using your firearm. Each type of firearm coating is qualified for some specific applications. You’ll find differences in each one of them on their levels of effectiveness, corrosion protection, longevity, and durability.

In this article.

1. Gun Bluing: It is also known as steel bluing; it is a process by which the metal of the firearm is given a rust-resistant finish. It is simply achieved with the help of an electrochemical process; the iron present in the steel is converted to magnetite (black oxide). This process provides alone a minimal amount of rust protection to your gun. In order to ensure maximum corrosion protection, you’ll require frequent light oiling or some other kind of protective treatment.

2. Parkerizing: This process includes the submersion of firearm steel into a phosphoric acid solution. It protects the steel surface of the firearm from corrosion and helps in increasing its overall resistance to scratches and nicks. Phosphating and bonderizing are some other popular names used for Parkerizing. Copper and chlorates are often added to zinc or manganese to create a Parkerizing solution. This Parkerizing solution is then heated at high temperatures of about 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find streams of tiny bubbles rising from the metal part of the firearm during the Parkerizing process of the firearm. The streams of bubbles will cease eventually as the process completes.

3. Anodizing: This process is used to increase the thickness of the layer of natural oxide on the metal surface of the firearm. For the reaction to take place successfully, the piece of the firearm that needs to be treated becomes the anode electrode. It increases the overall lubricity of the firearm and also leads to an improved adhesive surface for glues, paint primers, etc. The process of gun anodizing leads to a dimensional increase in the piece that was treated. Sulphuric acid is used as the most common electrolyte used in the anodizing process.

4. Cerakote: It is a ceramic-based coating used for firearms and is available in various colors. If you are looking forward to custom-color your firearm, then Cerakote is one of the simplest finishing options available in the market today. The best thing about choosing the Cerakote coating is that it offers a higher level of lubricity to the treated parts of the firearm. Cerakote is known for its superb properties like heat reduction and resistance towards scratches. Cerakote coating can be applied to various types of materials like metal, plastic, composite surfaces, etc. It lasts for years when treated with little maintenance.

Purchasing a red dot

Red dot sights are considered a must-have tool to work accurately in this world of tactical training. Even for an experienced marksman, it becomes difficult and inefficient to shoot using iron sights. On the other hand, using a red dot sight helps you in improving target acquisition time. The industry of red dot sights has grown substantially over the past few years.

With the help of red dot sights, you can improve your skills and work on the accuracy of your shot. With time, the clarity, size, efficiency, etc. of red dot sights have become so much better.

An individual, especially a new shooter should consider several aspects while purchasing such an important item as a red dot sight. You can take help from this guide for finding a red dot sight that works best for you.

  • Keep looking for the ideal size:

It is one of the major factors that you should consider while equipping your weapon with a red dot sight. What kind of weapon you are actually using? Is it a rifle, shotgun, or handgun? Red dot sights are available for every style of weapon. You should choose the one that suits best for your weapon. For example, if you have a small handgun, then a smaller red dot sight would be a better option for you and a larger one works best for a rifle. Moreover, small-sized red dot sights are considered ideal for taking precise shots at longer distances. Before making the purchase, make sure the sizing of the red dot sight works well for your weapon and fulfills your needs.

  • Open or tube?

Red dot sights basically come in two different styles. The first one is open, which is also known as window-based styles and the other one is the tube-like style which is considered to be more traditional. The open window design is more compact and low profile compared to the tube style. The best thing about open red dot sights is that they offer shooters a wider field of view. On the other hand, tube styles are often heavier than the open sights. Durability is the major factor why people opt for tube-styled red dot sights.

  • Battery considerations:

It is one of the major aspects an individual must consider while purchasing a red dot sight. The red dot sight you are going to purchase should be good in both terms i.e. the life of the battery and its ease of access. You can either choose special order batteries or the readily available ones. Special order batteries benefit you in terms of performance. On the other hand, readily available batteries are easy to access. But, at the end of the day, it should be the battery life that you should consider while making the purchase of a red dot sight. You need a battery life that helps you to utilize your weapon for some real action.

  • Consider the price:

The last thing you need to consider while purchasing a red dot sight is its price. By spending your few hundred bucks, you can easily get a decent red dot sight.