Stripped Slides

: A stripped slide refers to the main component of a Glock Compatible Slide Completion Kit that houses the barrel and firing mechanism. but lacks certain parts like the sights, extractor, firing pin, and recoil spring assembly. It is called "stripped" because it is devoid of these essential internal components, making it incomplete and non-functional. Gun enthusiasts, firearms manufacturers, and custom builders often purchase stripped slides to customize and assemble their Glock pistols according to their preferences. These Glock Slide Completion Kits allow them to add various aftermarket parts, such as different sights, coatings, or slide cuts, to create a personalized and unique firearm. When assembling a Glock style pistol using a stripped slide, it is crucial to ensure that the internal components, such as the extractor, firing pin, firing pin spring, and recoil spring assembly, are properly installed and functioning. This will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the firearm.

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