Why Buy An 80 Lower?


The AR-15 is considered to be one of the most popular weapons in the United States due to its versatility. This permits builders to piece together an AR-15 with separate parts, from scratch, thus making the firearm building process fun and customizable. The stripped lower reciever has the cavity/fire control group area milled out already. An 80% cavity is still full/not milled out or milled down in the case of Polymer 80 lowers.

There are various advantages to buying a pre-built AR-15 or handgun from your local gun store and numerous facilities to building one using an 80% lower.

In this article, we will discuss how building an 80% lower is better and the list of points that helps to clarify why you should select an 80% lower receiver in the beginning.

80% Lower Savings

When a person buys an 80% lower receiver, they surely get to enjoy some savings. Rather than purchasing a completed rifle, there isn’t a high tax forced on lesser receiver sales, nor if you are also paying for an FFL transfer or a DROS fee. You simply need to pay for the product and the shipping as technically speaking, an 80% lower is not a firearm as it is not taxed like a firearm. On the contrary, buying an over-the-counter firearm may simply cost you upwards of $100 in fees and taxes on top of the gun or it depends more on the gun’s price tag.

No FFL Requirements

The difference between purchasing a 80% vs a completed lower is one major step. When applying for a completed lower you will need to fill out the appropriate forms at a location that has a FFL License, in turn, your personal information will be put into a database and your information will be ran through the DOJ (Department of Justice). When purchasing an 80% you are purchasing an incomplete lower that you will need to finish, this does not require you to fill out any documentation, nor will your information be ran through the DOJ database.

This form is required in most states as long as you are buying at a physical gun store, as it is part of the background check process.

Each state will vary on what that background check looks like as in some places you may even have to wait at least 10 days after purchase to pick the gun up and take it home. Whereas in others areas, you get to take the firearm home on the very same day you do the paperwork/dros. (Please check with your local law enforcement or Firearms store for your local process).

Proponents of universal background checks say that it is vital to deter potential criminals with any plans for intended crimes. The idea is that it supposedly could give a person time to calm down instead of buying a gun and hastily committing a crime the same day. That theory has never been statistically confirmed with empirical evidence or data. But when you pay for an 80% lower, which is not legitimately considered a firearm, there are no fees, documents, government lists with your name and guns on it; it just ships straight to your home.