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So, you have decided to go to the range, by yourself or maybe with your family or friends… and the question of what you need to prepare for the day is asked.

When it comes to the range a few questions may come to mind, weather, indoor, outdoor, ammo restrictions and equipment. All are good questions and need to be thought of.

  • Location of the Range:

If the range you are visiting has a website, visit the site as they will have a list and/or brief description of what is allowed at their range from start to finish. If the range does not have a website call them and worst comes to worst visit the old google or yelp for helpful information. (Don’t trust everything you read on the internet)

The bare minimum you will need for the range typically is…. yourself! Again, calling the range or looking up the policies is the smartest thing to do.

Most ranges have eyes and ears to rent while you are in the range. Eye protection and Ear muffs are a MUST. Depending on the range and state you reside in you will be asked for 1 or all Government Issued Identification, the range operator will keep your ID while you are in the range and/or if you are renting their firearms.

If you are bringing your own firearms make sure its locked properly as they may not let you inside the establishment if it is not.

  • Lube:

It’s always good to lube your rifle or pistol before the range.

  • Ammo:

Double check with the range to see what is or isn’t allowed at the range. Some ranges will not allow reloads, aluminum, bird shot, steel core and other ammo. The range typically has ammo for sale in case the ammo you have is not allowed.

  • Firearms:

Most ranges have firearms for rent when you rent a lane. This is the fun part, try them ALL. You never know what you like or do not like if you do not try it. Most of all have FUN!

  • Multitool:

It is always a good decision to bring some sort of multitool. Just in case something becomes loose or unscrews itself. That way you have the means to tighten it to your liking.

  • Shooting Bags:

Shooting bags are a great addition to any range day. They offer the shooter the ability to rest the rifle without using a bipod. They usually weight about 5-10 LBS. So as long as you are not traveling far, they are a great addition.

This, in short is what you may need at the range. Always do your research to see what that particular range allows and will require. Ladies – I would advise close toed shoes, a shirt that does not have a low cut as the shells can make their way down your shirt and they are hot as HELL!