Buying Vs Building an AR15: What to Choose?

An AR15 is an amazing tool and one of Americas top-selling rifles, which is based on the design of the ArmaLite AR-15. It is a lightweight, advanced and semi-automatic rifle, which makes it unique and attractive.

The AR15 rifle is a popular firearm, which you can easily be found at your local gun retail store and/or online (always check your local laws for purchase/background screening and information). One of the reasons AR-15’s are liked so much is because they are so customizable, from grips, color, uppers, lengths and much more to fit your style, feel and performance.

Many gun owners prefer building their rifles instead of purchasing preassembled AR15’s from an authorized dealer. So, is it worth building an AR15 or you should buy one?

In this article, we have discussed the difference between building and buying a rifle. So, it will help you in making the right choice.

Building an AR15:

1. Customization:

Building a rifle offers freedom of customization to the owners. You can freely choose the gear and accessories for your first rifle and upgrade it according to your imagination. So, you will have the opportunity to build the firearm you in vison vs a prebuild for store.

2. Performance:

Performance is an important aspect of a firearm. Building a rifle is never a challenging task, you can find every single option on the web, some with excellent quality, some without. So, if you are good at assembling things, then you can assemble an AR15 with excellent performance.

3. Time:

Building a rifle requires time and a little bit of patience. You have to learn to assemble and improve your skills to get the best outcomes. So, it can be a little time-consuming for you, but once your build is complete there is no better feeling.

4. Budget:

Building an AR15 can save you money. You can control your budget, do your research and find the best deals on the items you are looking for. When purchasing a prebuilt AR15 you are purchasing as it is, if later on you feel you want to change a part out that is more money you could of saved by building it yourself.

Buying an AR15:

1. Customization:

Buying an AR15 from a reliable gun shop will allow you to get a preassembled rifle, which is ready to shoot. However, you can customize your firearm according to your needs by purchasing some extra gear. It will enhance the power and performance of your rifle.

2. Performance:

Buying a rifle from a good store ensures quality and performance. A reliable firearm store ensures the quality and performance of their product and provides some guaranty and warranty services as well.

3. Time:

Buying an AR15 from a gun store can also take time. Finding the best store is never an easy task especially when you are planning to purchase a rifle for yourself. So, you have to perform a little research to identify the right store.

4. Budget:

Buying a preassembled AR15 can cost you more as compared to building your rifle. The ready-to-shoot rifle saves the time of assembling and allows users to practice their shooting skills immediately.

In the nutshell:

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that building an AR15 will save you money and deliver similar benefits to a preassembled rifle. However, know your type and decide according to your comfort and convenience.

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