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Assembling a pistol frame

Assembling a pistol frame

To begin, we suggest using a new, American made LPK, we use only U.S. made LPK’S.

Start by placing the mag release spring into the frame.

Once it’s secured in the cutout, install the mag release button through the right side of the frame. Using a pick or flat-head screwdriver to carefully pry the top of the spring far enough over until the magazine catch locks into the notch.

Make sure to test it to make sure it works properly.

Insert the tab of the connector into the right side of the trigger housing, the connector should be bent outward slightly. The hole in the rear of the trigger housing is where you will connect the trigger spring, place one of the hooks of the trigger spring into the trigger housing, it should form an S shape, the other hook of the spring will attach to the hole in the trigger bar, now rotate the trigger bar down into the trigger housing. Once inserted into the trigger housing rotate it slightly so the wing on the left side can enter into the slot just behind the ejector on the housing, now rotate the trigger bar back into place.

Now insert the trigger into the trigger hole of the frame, then insert your trigger housing into the rear of the frame. When the trigger housing is halfway into the frame you will need to adjust the trigger bar so it is beneath the tabs of the connector, then finish inserting the assembly into the frame. Now insert the trigger housing pin into the hole of the backstrap of the frame, make sure the pin is flush with the hole.

Slide stop: With the straight leg of the slide lock spring facing down into the front of the frame, insert it into the frame, make sure it seats in the little cavity provided Then insert the slide lock with the ridged side facing towards the rear of the frame, the flat side will face the front of the frame. (Make sure the slide lock spring sits in the notch of the slide lock) Depress the slide lock spring and slide the slide lock over the spring. (make sure the slide lock moves freely).

Locking block: With the legs facing forward, insert the locking block into the frame then push down until the holes are aligned. Then, insert the locking block pin into the top hole of the frame now use a punch to maneuver the pin to where it’s just below the surface on both ends of the frame.

Insert the trigger pin from the right side of the frame until you reach the second notch, then insert the slide lock into the gap to the left of the trigger. When inserting the slide lock, the hook of the spring should be facing up then push it forward until the holes are aligned. Once aligned, push in the trigger pin, make sure the trigger pin is just below the surface on both sides. Good job you finished!!